Each child has the right to be respected for his or her feelings, needs, abilities, uniqueness, and culture. In order to truly respect a child, one needs to know what is basic to a young child’s development. By assisting a young child to develop a sense of trust, autonomy, and initiative, a solid foundation is laid for his future healthy growth.
A young child is eager to accept new experiences as wonderful and exciting adventures when they are presented to him in a way that is natural for him – through play. When provided with opportunities to initiate play, in an environment in which he feels valued, loved, respected, and accepted, the child is able to learn and master new skills, and to develop those characteristics which will enable him to meet life’s challenges: self-esteem, confidence, self-discipline, the belief that he can have an effect on his world, a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, creativity, empathy, a respect for the rights of others, an acceptance of those who are different from himself