In our Infant Program– Our children follow their own natural routine for naps and feedings. Their day is augmented with singing, outdoor play, physical activity, sensory stimulation and lots of cuddling.

In our Toddler Program – Our children follow a typical daily schedule with flexibility built in. Staff are free to change the schedule based upon the mood and or needs of the child. Daily activities might include block play, puzzles, circle time, songs, stories, science, manipulative time, toileting, dramatic play and outdoor play.

In our Nursery Class – It is our premise that children learn through many avenues of experience. Children learn by hands on activities – appropriately structured group experiences and active participation. Learning is fun! Because young children have a natural curiosity and an eagerness to explore, the skills are introduced not through drill, but through fun, exciting activities.

In our Preschool Class – We have become part of District 31’s Universal Pre-k Program.
The Department of Education offers FREE 3K and Pre-K For all to every student ages 3years and 4years old.  It operates Monday through Friday, September through June for 6 hours and 20 minutes per day.   We have been collaborating with the NYC DOE since 1999.  Our curriculum starts with the teacher who believes in the strength and variety of the child’s self-initiated learning. We have a child centered classroom that responds to children’s needs and helps them to flourish.

Your child is very important to us. Therefore the school endeavors to maintain open lines of communication with our parents. We provide scheduled conferences, progress reports, monthly newsletters, as well as time for daily “chats” with the staff. We are always ready to assist you or your child. When we function together as a team, we can effectively maximize the most positive results for our children.

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