Children For Whom We Have Concern

High Hopes opens its doors to all children. Our staff is committed to providing an environment filled with patience, understanding, compassion and above all love to each child and his family. There have been times that we realize our program may not be the best program for your child. With this in mind, the following policies have been put in place.

1. We do not condone biting. We understand biting is a natural part of the developmental process, so we allow our toddlers and nursery children some latitude.
a. Toddlers – If your two year old child has become a chronic “biter” in the classroom, he or she may be asked to leave the program according the severity of the incidents. You will be notified if we suspect these incidents are becoming a problem. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss possible solutions.
b. Nursery – Parents of a three year old child will be asked to remove their child from the program following a third biting incident.
c. Pre-school – Biting incidents involving our four and five year old children will be handled on an individual basis.

2. Aggressive behavior which results in physically hurting another child will not be tolerated. We understand that some youngsters are highly energetic which is normal and can be delightful; but this energy must learn to be channeled. If for any reason we find that the child cannot control his aggressiveness, a meeting will be scheduled and the issue will be handled on an individual basis.

3. All children develop at their own rate and their own unique style, which makes each one of us so special. If we become aware that your child may have a special need, we will be happy to work with you and your child to help you to obtain the necessary care or program that should become necessary.